Derek Siegler is a recording artist from Burlington, Vermont.  He is the founding member of the band Dr. Green.  Over the past ten years he has toured and recorded from Burlington, Vermont to Los Angeles, California and up to Portland, Oregon.  Throughout this time he has written and collaborated on hundreds of songs.  This site was created as a way for fans to access the growing library of music he has created.  Explore the finished products and find the hidden basement vault projects.  This is a place to discover current original music full of soul, honesty and love.

NEW ALBUM "These Nameless Days" Podcast

8/29/14: Vacation week- ie. song writing time, begins tomorrow.  Look for some fresh tracks coming out soon.  Dr. Green is looking to be featured on Live From The Fort on VPR.  If you want to see that happen please contact VPR at Live From The Fort (contact is at the bottom of the page) and recommend us as a band. Your support is always appreciated. Check out Waylon Speed while you are there. See you all at the end of the week.

The new album is up for download, check it out on the MUSIC page. You can listen to any of the tracks before you buy.

Thanks for all of the support on the album and the shows over the last month and lots of love.  As always, feel free to request a show in your area.  I like to travel and have plenty more songs ready to go.  Let's make the next album even better by supporting independent artists

  1. Same Ol' Used To Be

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