Derek Siegler is a recording artist from Burlington, Vermont.  He is the founding member of the band Dr. Green.  Over the past ten years he has toured and recorded from Burlington, Vermont to Los Angeles, California and up to Portland, Oregon.  Throughout this time he has written and collaborated on hundreds of songs.  This site was created as a way for fans to access the growing library of music he has created.  Explore the finished products and find the hidden basement vault projects.  This is a place to discover current original music full of soul, honesty and love.

Summer Time Travel Podcast

The summertime heat is here and the hills of VT are green with life. We just finished our relocation to a new village, which closed down the studio for a few months, and I am getting the show back together for late summer. Hope you are all well and that all the rain in June didn't drown out the positive thoughts....That is unless you live on the west coast---- you may need a bit more than positive thoughts to fix your water situation. This is the year of marriage for me, with the upcoming reality of life continuing, trusted in the arms of love. Luckily, all of the change in this world has been brewing new music and there will be new material released soon!  The silence breaks September, 2015 with the next single.

For now, here is a gem of an experiment from the old war chest.  Thanks to a special random traveler from Canada for letting me capture this amazing moment in time. Be kind to your fellow strangers, there is always something to take away from every conversation. Enjoy.
  1. American Love Revolution

Daughter Of The Evening Podcast

Check it out.....New music!  I know it has been too long, but I have been working on new Dr. Green material and all those other things I do.   Here is something to soothe those cold dark winter blues.  Catch Dr. Green at the Green Door in Stratton Friday and Saturday of March, the 27th and 28th with the Whiskey Dicks.  Until then enjoy some additional original music.  More music to be posted soon.  Stay tuned. 
  1. Daughter Of The Evening.

Music For Sale 

Well, we have reached another turning point. My latest album These Nameless Days is now on sale from iTunes, Amazon, and most other major sites you can think of. However, I recommend if you want to purchase the album that you do it through the website so that all profits go directly to the artist. If you do find yourself on iTunes, please review the album.  I will be playing the Radio Bean in Burlington on Friday January 9th.  Come on out and support local music.  

Jasper's Jam Podcast

Hey all, thanks for tuning in. Here is a new track made for those who like to move. Especially my little nephew Mr. Jasper Wade.  Good luck and dance till you can't stand.  Hope to see you all out at the upcoming shows.  Dr.  Green is playing a benefit for the Green Mountain Derby Dames on Saturday December 6th at the Monkey House in Winooski.  Hope everyone is having a good dark season... More music to come soon. 
  1. Jasper's Jam

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