Derek Siegler is a recording artist from Burlington, Vermont.  He is the founding member of the band Dr. Green.  Over the past ten years he has toured and recorded from Burlington, Vermont to Los Angeles, California and up to Portland, Oregon.  Throughout this time he has written and collaborated on hundreds of songs.  This site was created as a way for fans to access the growing library of music he has created.  Explore the finished products and find the hidden basement vault projects.  This is a place to discover current original music full of soul, honesty and love.

The Island Podcast

Winter has been long and cold up here in the north.  I made the mistake of staying here for the duration this year and spent the past few days laid up with a cold because of it.  At least it gave me some time to mix a nice warm island track I have been working on.  It is about getting out and having fun no matter what night, and tonight is Friday!  What a better time to enjoy new music? Plans for the summer shows are starting to come together, dates to be posted soon.
  1. The Island

Check Out The New and Improved Music Page 

The new Music Page has a long track list that covers work from 2011 to 2013.  The tracks haven't been arranged in a particular order as of yet, but since people don't really listen to albums anymore I do find that this works for now.  Since my recording ability has improved a bit over time you may find some of the older mastering levels may vary slightly.  Believe me, I have the entire staff working on it around the clock. Until then you may find a few tracks that aren't up to the volume you need and to those tracks I say, 'good luck.'  As always, I am constantly uploading new tracks to the site. Stop in on a regular basis and you will continue to find new music. Thanks for stopping by.

The Jury Is Out... and other new news Podcast

The most recent four studio tracks: "The Jury is Out," "Falling," "Last Night," and "Alright" on the site wide player were all recorded with help from my friends at Signal Kitchen.  Dave DeCristo mixed and mastered the tracks.  With a very special thanks to Mitch and Walter for their awesome efforts of making the recording sessions happen.
  1. The Jury Is Out

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